Project Description

Pigi’s travel club


Development of a travel blog by digital agency pgtal
Development of a travel blog by digital agency pgtal
Development of a travel blog by digital agency pgtal

The client

Pigi’s Travel Club is an Italian company specialising in finding the best flight offers from the main airports in Italy.

Our mission

The CEO contacted us for help with building a multilingual website to be easily managed by employees and fully responsive on mobile screens as most users access the website on their phones.

We didn’t stop at only building a fully responsive website, we also wanted to create something that offers amazing user experience with quick access to all the available information with easiness of browsing.

We wanted to create a community, a real community where users could share their travel and experiences to the network.

  • Web design

  • Content Marketing

  • PPC Advertising

  • Organic advertising

  • Facebook page creation

  • Online community

  • Mailing list

website development - pgtal create another beautiful website
website development - Pgtal create a travel blog

Our approach

  • We don’t work only on design and final product, we also carried a deep analysis on major competitors, researching their business trategy, services and their position in the market.
  • We then used these findings to strategically plan with the CEO what information users need, when and how much, in order to create the perfect automatised services, in order to reduce the operator work to a minimum.
  • We created a new website, Facebook page, active group and new logos using automatisation between the website and the Facebook page, focusing particularly on SEO to make sure the web platform will be well absorbed by the search engines and the facebook platform, where we also launched numerous ad campaigns with the goal in reaching more clients.
  • We also started a marketing campaign on Google Ads to reach all users researching for flight deals from majore airports.


  • We continued our marketing campaign through Facebook and google ads and are regularly updating all the necessary information. The CEO is thrilled with the results that saw his company sky-rocket to the top of the search engines.
  • Running fully automated mail campaigns that targets users depending on airport locations, paid memberships and affiliation programs.
  • Working on implementing an automatic chat BOT for facebook, giving users the possibility of receiving information about offers available on the website.
  • Working closely with the CEO on the creation of the French version of the website to expand the concept to the French market.

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